PAJet 160 Nylon - Natur

1.75 mm; 0.5 kg


PAJet 160 nylon (polyamide)- engineering thermoplastic- has similar printing properties as ABS- highly heat (up to 160 ° C), impact, chemicals and mechanical resistant- smooth surface ideal for rolling and sliding components (e.g. bearings)PRINTING SETUPMaterial template for Prusa slicer MK3… more

Responsible production

Always in stock! We are a long-term Czech manufacturer of filaments located in the very heart of Moravia, the ecologically awarded Agricultural Cooperative Haňovice.
We have been dealing with plastics processing since 1992 and we already have a lot of experience in this field. That is why we are not afraid to guarantee the highest quality of our filaments, the accuracy of their colors, and trouble-free printing.
In our assortment, you will find over 130 different filaments in both traditional and original trendy colors. From classic PLA, PLA+, and PETG materials, which are known for their simple printing, through more sustainable, recycled RePLA + and RePETG filaments to more complex materials such as ULTEM, FLEX, and more. These materials are handled by more experienced printers and are used mainly in the industry as an alternative production method with reduced waste.

  • Quality - We guarantee the highest quality of input material and filaments, which is confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers around the world.
  • More sustainable industry - Our industrial materials are suitable for industrial use as a more sustainable alternative to production and prototyping with reduced waste.
  • Biogas station - We generate heat and electricity from our biogas station.
  • Reuse of packaging material.

Responsible filaments

Sustainability and social responsibility are among the main pillars of our production. We are aware of the burden that the use of plastics places on our planet, and therefore we place great emphasis on ecology in terms of reducing waste and reusability.

  • All our filaments are wound on 100% recycled spools.
  • PLA input material is made from 100% renewable resources
  • We do not throw away filaments that do not meet the highest quality standards, but after crushing them, we subsequently create recycled filaments, in the form of RePLA+ and RePETG.
  • Color crossings are donated to schools, non-profit organizations, and circles.
  • Return spools - Return our empty spools to us and buy new filaments cheaper.

Responsible spools

Recycle with PM - the spool returning program

Setting up sustainable processes is an integral part of our philosophy. That's why we decided to improve the spool return program, which is renamed Every Returned Spool Helps. The principle of this program is simple - for each reel returned you get a bonus in the form of credits. You can then use them to buy new spools at better prices. You can read more about the program here.

  • Our spools are 100% recycled and are Plastic Second Life® certified.
  • You do not throw away the empty spool, but put it back in the original box
  • As soon as you have at least 20 spools, you glue the boxes with duct tape and when you send them to us via the Mailbox, we will drop the transport.
  • We will check the coils with us and if they are not dirty or damaged, we will return the coils to circulation and credit your customer account with credits.

Unfortunately, this service is only available within Czech Republic and Slovakia at this moment.

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Diameter 1.75 mm
Tolerance 0,03 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Empty spool weight 0.204 kg
Packaging weight 0.84 kg
Packaging dimensions width: 225 mm, height: 65 mm, depth: 210 mm
Nozzle 230 - 240 °C
Heatbed 110 - 120 °C
RAL 7004
Pantone 7543 C
Material PAJet 160 nylon
EAN 8594185641209
Manufacturer Filament PM (Plasty Mladeč)

PAJet 160 nylon (polyamide)
- engineering thermoplastic
- has similar printing properties as ABS
- highly heat (up to 160 ° C), impact, chemicals and mechanical resistant
- smooth surface ideal for rolling and sliding components (e.g. bearings)

Material template for Prusa slicer MK3 download here
Material template for Bambu Lab printers download here
Nozzle: 230 - 240 °C
Heatbed: 110 - 120 °C
▪ speed: 40mm/s
▪ draft-free temperature environment
▪ print without object fan
▪ kapton printing bed, thicker Ultem or plain office paper glued with glue on heated glass
MAGIGOO PA (ideal for: PAJet NYLON)

✅ Highly heat resistant (up to 160 ° C) ❌ Closed chamber
✅ Resistant to mechanical wear (abrasion)  

We take care of the highest possible quality of input materials from which we produce our filaments. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the production of plastics, we make products whose quality we proudly stand behind. We are a leading manufacturer of filaments in the Czech Republic, and we have maintained a high-quality standard for our products for a long time. We are a proud manufacturer of filaments for the "Made for PRUSA" brand. We constantly innovate, modernize, and enrich the market with new materials and filament colors.

Our materials make 3D printing easy even for complete beginners. Printers are assured of a quality result with our filaments and do not have to worry about any problems if they leave the printer unattended. Beginners in 3D printing will appreciate our PLA, PLA+, and PETG materials in a wide range of colors and our Czech solid support to all our customers.
Advanced printers can choose from a wide range of industrial materials with us, such as chemically and heat-resistant PPJet, Carbon, which has strength due to the addition of carbon, rubber, and durable Flex material, self-extinguishing FRJet, or extremely strong, heat-resistant and also self-extinguishing ULTEM.

Sustainability is not about what we do now, but about long-term and hard work that benefits our planet. Our vision is to minimize waste, which is why we have created a program for returning empty spools. And we are putting these spools back into production. Sustainability means producing and using eco-materials, building alternative energy sources, and robotics. As the parent company of the agricultural cooperative, we advocate the use of precision farming processes, the reduction of chemical products on plants, the retention of rainwater, the removal of soil erosion, and the saving of fuel.

We promote the use of our materials and 3D printing in general. 3D printing, as an additive manufacturing method, is a suitable and ecological alternative for every industry.

You can find more about our sustainability here.


2. 12. 2021
Kamil Doležel
Dnes material dorazil. TIskarnu jsem adekvatne nastavil a vytisky jsou naprosto perfektni. Diky za kvalitni filament
19. 9. 2021
Marek Štafl
Za mě parádní filament, absolutně bez stringování. Zatím jsem netiskl nic velkého, samé menší objekty, takže čas ukáže, ale s nastavením tisku jsem nemusel nijak laborovat: tiskárna Kingroon KP3S neuzavřená, stabilní teplota v místnosti cca 22°C, podložka magnetická plastová s hrubým povrchem potřená lepidlem Herkules (samozřejmě ta tyčinka, ne ta tekutá verze), teplota podložky 70/60°C, teplota trysky 240/235°C, úplně vypnuté chlazení, maximální rychlost tisku 40mm/s, první vrstva 20mm/s.
18. 5. 2021
Ladislav Hojgr
Filament velice extrémně náchylný na nastavení tisku, a teploty. Byla to dobra "challange" přijít na to správné nastavení :). Nakonec mi pomohl i i na tech. podpoře u průši :) Pro někoho kdo by chtěl tento filament tisknout na Průša MK3/S se zrnitým plátem tak tady je nastavení: Tryska: 240 HBed: 120 Rychlost na první vrstvě: 8 mm/s Rychlost tisku max: 20 mm/s + nezapomenout tycinku kores na podložku :)

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