The most popular 3D printing material. Easy to print, economical, and available in a many of colors.
Good for mechanical applications due to its exceptional layer adhesion. Can be both transparent and opaque.
This is the best iteration of ABS yet. It prints easier and is available in a variety of modern colors.
ABS-T was engineered to shrink less than regular ABS and is thus suited for printing large objects.


ASA combines mechanical strength, UV resistance and water resistance. It’s renowned for marine and outdoor applications.
TPE: Thermoplastic elastomers are polymer systems that combine application properties of elastomers (flexibility, elasticity) and processing properties of thermoplastics (easier to process and recyclability). It is similar to the "rubber". Available
HIPS: This is a support material (polymer) that is soluble in limonene or acetone.
PaJet: 160 (nylon) PAJet is an engineering thermoplastic with print parameters similar ABS. PAJet is composed of amide groups of a certain number in a macromolecule. This number of groups in the polymerization gives PAJet properties that are suitable
PC/ABS: Polycarbonate / ABS is a material with high impact resistance at low temperatures.
PEIjet is an engineering grade material that is extremely strong, heat-resistant and flame-retardant.