PETG - "orange 2018" (1,75 mm; 1 kg)

PETG - "orange 2018" (1,75 mm; 1 kg)
19,83 € (23,99 € with VAT 21 %)
IN stock 145 pcs

PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol)- PETG is a universal material- for beginners (very easy to print)- father for large prints- high impact material than PLA, same as ABS- temperature resistant up to 70 °C- no warping- ideal for mechanical parts (used to be one of the main materials for PRUSA… more

Art.No.: 040470000
EAN: 8594185641537
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PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol)
- PETG is a universal material
- for beginners (very easy to print)
- father for large prints
- high impact material than PLA, same as ABS
- temperature resistant up to 70 °C
- no warping
- ideal for mechanical parts (used to be one of the main materials for PRUSA Printers – PETG Orange 2018)

Nozzle: 220 - 250 °C
Heatbed: 80 - 90 °C

✅ easy to print
✅ good layer adhesion
✅ very tough, no warping
✅ high-temperature resistance up to 70 °C
✅ little shrinking
✅ durable

❌ possibility of stringing

Diameter 1.75 mm
Tolerance 0,05 mm
Weight 1 kg
Empty spool weight 0.216 kg
Packaging weight 1.38 kg
Spool dimensions diameter: 200 mm, height: 75 mm
Packaging dimensions width: 230 mm, height: 80 mm, depth: 210 mm
Nozzle 220 - 250 °C
Heatbed 80 - 90 °C
RAL 2005
Pantone Bright Red C
4. 5. 2020
The filament itself is good quality, prints well and is a decent price. I would have bought more, but it turns out that they use a 1kg spool that is wider than any others I've ever come across and doesn't fit in any of the dry boxes or sealed spool holders I have, which is useless for PETG. If you're going to print a whole spool in a couple of days, or will put it away between short jobs, it may be fine, but if you print constantly with PETG and need it permanently connected to the printer, it's useless as the exposed filament just soaks up moisture. I can't change loads of filament storage cases just for one company's spools. For that reason alone, I won't be buying any more of it. Sad, because if their spools were a more sensible size, I'd stick with them for pretty much everything as the filament itself is good. So, one star removed for that...and also removed for whoever wrote 'Anglie' on the shipment; Scotland is no more England than Czechia is Slovakia!
13. 6. 2019
I ordered this as a replacement for the out of stock Prusament at local suppliers here. I'm glad I did, it is excellent filament at a great price point and it was shipped within three days from the Czech republic to the Netherlands. Will definitely order more filaments from them.
23. 2. 2019
Steve Wagg
Superb filament. Identical match to my 'Prusa mk3' orange. The way this filament has been put on the roll is great. Top quality product and would highly recommend. It's also cheaper than Prusament too. :-) Well, that's when it's in stock.. please make more soon!
4. 7. 2018
Best PET-G you can buy! That neon orange color is gorgeous and it prints amazingly well. Spool is winded perfectly and sealed in zip-lock bag, with desiccant that makes storage of it really easy and convenient.